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(4) More Homemade Gift Basket Themes & Ideas

Themed Gift Basket Ideas You Can Make at Home
   – Crochet Lover – Vegetarian Lover – Jogging Lover – and more!


Hair Lover

Basket = Large Cosmetic Bag


  • salon shampoo and conditioner
  • hair brush and/or combs
  • gift card to Local Gene Juarez or other beauty shop
  • clips, bows, pins, twists, etc.
  • hair style books
  • magazines of celebrity hair styles
  • gift card to local store for hair care items


Chili Lover

Basket = Crockpot


  • chili recipes
  • ladle
  • oven mitts
  • assorted dried beans: kidney, black, white, navy, pinto
  • dried red chili peppers
  • chili powder, cayenne pepper, cumin, cilantro
  • gift card to local Trader Joe’s or specialty food store


Girlie Teenager

Basket = Stylish Tote Bag or Overnight Carryall


  • a wallet
  • key chain
  • lip gloss
  • small photo frames
  • purse sized perfume atomizer
  • small size digital camera
  • purse sized hair brush and mirror
  • tickets to local fashion show
  • gift card to local pizza restaurant for her & a couple of friends


Mom & Dad To Be

Basket = Baby Bathtub or Baby Diaper Bag


  • hooded towel
  • wash cloth
  • rubber ducky
  • baby shampoo
  • baby powder
  • baby lotion
  • sleeper
  • footies
  • baby keepsake book


Beer and/or Wine Maker

Basket = Ice Bucket or Small Cooler


  • wine or beer kit
  • empty bottles
  • personalized or novelty wine/beer labels
  • beer caps or wine corks
  • books on wines or beers
  • recipes
  • gift card to local specialty beer pub or tickets to wine tasting event


Avid Skier

Basket = Totebag or Carryall


  • lip balm
  • sunscreen
  • goggles
  • gloves
  • muffler
  • wool socks
  • wax
  • gift card to local REI or sports supply store


Vegetarian Lover

Basket = Large Mixing Bowl


  • several meatless recipes on recipe cards
  • assorted dried beans
  • brown rice
  • sun dried tomatoes
  • spices: oregano, thyme, basil, garlic powder, etc.
  • mixing spoons
  • pot holders
  • bottles of juice
  • Gift Card to local Trader Joe’s store


Jogging Fanatic

Basket = Tote Bag or Gym Bag


  • pedometer
  • sweat band
  • iPod with arm holder (or similar mp3 player)
  • shoe laces
  • sport socks
  • personal alarm
  • container of whey protein (for after the jog)
  • protein bars
  • aluminum water bottle in a shoulder or waist holder
  • gift card to local sports store


Bear Hugs

Basket = Storage Cube or Decorative Bag


  • teddy bear
  • coffee or tea mug
  • hot chocolate, tea, coffee packets
  • bedtime reading books
  • truffles or cookies


Home Office Worker

Basket = Messenger Bag or Briefcase


  • appointment book or day planner
  • business card holder (one for the wallet, one for the desktop)
  • pen and pencil set
  • gift card for Starbucks
  • reference books
  • desk calendar
  • coffee mug
  • assorted coffees or teas
  • gift card to local office supply store


News Years Eve Party Pack

Basket = Large Party Bag or Colored Ice Bucket


  • champagne or sparking cider
  • glasses
  • party hats
  • noise makers
  • confetti
  • balloons
  • party invitations
  • CD’s with party music
  • gift card to local party store

Crochet Lover

Basket = Tote Bag or Carryall


  • assorted needles or crochet hooks
  • pattern magazines or books
  • buttons
  • ribbons
  • personalized “made by” labels
  • specialty yarn
  • gift card to local yarn store


Bead Lover

Basket = Tool Bag or Storage Compartment Box


  • assorted packets of beads
  • beading thread
  • bead project books or magazines
  • beading tools
  • gift certificate to a local beading class
  • instruction beading books


Writer Mania

Basket = Desk In-Box container


  • lined note or legal pads
  • an engraved pen
  • reference books (dictionary, thesaurus, quotes, how-to books)
  • pocket voice-activated tape recorder and tapes
  • style guide
  • newsletter or magazine subscription
  • books about how to get published
  • coffee or tea mug
  • mechanical pencils
  • CD’s or flashdrives to backup computer writing files


Band Groupie

Basket = Tote Bag


  • fan club membership
    (look for their favorite musician on the Internet, look for online fan clubs which also sell tickets, posters, t-shirts, etc)
  • CD’s of their favorite group
  • posters of their favorite group
  • biographies
  • sheet music
  • tickets to a local concert


Night Out

Basket = Basket or Decorative Box with Lid


  • list of babysitters or coupons for babysitting
  • restaurant guide and/or gift certificates, gift cards
  • movie reviews and/or tickets
  • tickets to a local show or concert
  • cab fair or limo reservation
  • lighted key chain
  • gift certificate for a local hotel


Mystery Lover

Basket = Decorative Box with Question Marks all over it


  • just released mystery novels
  • mystery game for computer
  • magnifying glass
  • puzzles or brain teaser books
  • tickets to a local ‘mystery’ movie
  • gift card to local book store


Hiking Enthusiast

Basket = Backpack


  • maps
  • rain poncho
  • walkie-talkies
  • battery powered am/fm radio with weather channel
  • trail mix
  • compass
  • first aid kit for hikers
  • aluminum water bottle
  • gift card to local REI or camping supply store

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