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Business Customer Service Tips

Customer Service Tips for your small Business or work from home Gift Basket Business.


Increasing your business sales depends on how you treat your clients and customers. Know your product and be prepared to clearly define what the benefits of your gift baskets and services are. Offer to leave a sample food item with your client. Know when to wind things up, don’t waste the clients time.


Sales Presentation

If you’re meeting with clients at their place of business, always phone the day before to confirm the day and time of appointment. Be early and dress professionally. Bring two gift displays and three sample food items with you. Give the client your full attention, listen carefully to what they say and make eye contact throughout the conversation. Greet and retreat with a handshake.

Customer Service Tips for your small Business or work from home Gift Basket Business.If the customer is coming to your showroom or office, treat them as a guest in your home. Take their coat or wrap and hang it up. Offer a refreshment. Take a few minutes for social conversation. Offer a seat and exchange business cards. You should have an area set up with a small table and two chairs for meetings with clients and customers.



Importance of Service

How you treat your customers and the quality of your product and service you provide, is what will make them return to you. It also brings you new customers by referral. Building a strong, satisfied customer base is the key to your long term success.


Customer Service Tips

  • The customer is always right. Never argue with a customer. Diffuse the situation.
    (no matter how badly you want to)
  • If you promise to do something in a certain time frame, you must do it.
  • If you promise something to a client – before the deadline and deliver more than they expect.
  • If the customer asks you a question you’re unable to answer, tell the truth and offer to find the information. Locate the information you need and respond within 24 hours.
  • If you lose an order to another company, don’t complain or slander the other company. If you feel it’s appropriate, you may ask the client what the deciding factor was, for them to place their order with the other company. This will help you review your operation and how you can change and/or improve. Maintain a positive attitude and thank the client for their time and consideration. Express you will look forward to doing business with them in the future.
  • If there’s a problem with an order, correct it immediately.
  • If any item in a basket design must be substituted, make the customer aware before the order is processed. Give the customer several other optional items for the substitution. Let them choose what item should be sent as the replacement item. (List in your Brochure: Your company name reserves the right to substitute products of equal or additional value)
  • Always be friendly, polite, professional and positive.



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