Free Gift Basket Business Online Learning Guide

How to Get Your Business on the Internet

Learn how to get your business on the internet listing the steps your home business or gift basket business needs to take.


There are specific steps you should take to establish your Internet presence. Tip: If you want customers to take your business seriously, be ready to invest in dependable Hosting and make sure your website is mobile-ready. We’ll give you an overview below.


Decide on a Domain Name:

There are varied opinions of what domain name format is best for search engine effectiveness. If you haven’t chosen a name for your business yet, then now’s the perfect time to sync your business name with your domain name.

You want a .com extension. Do not go with a .net or a .biz or any other TLD. The .com is what people are used to typing, and the .com will always be the preferred extension.
Confirm the business name you want is not already taken.

Check with your local state Department of Revenue to determine the business name you want is available.

If the business name you want is available, will it transfer well as a Domain name?


Steps for getting your home business or gift basket business onto the internet.Consider This:
If your business name is going to be ‘Marys Gift Shop’ … it isn’t going to transfer well as a Domain name. Why?

Because isn’t going to index well in the search engines. It’s not unique, it doesn’t tell anyone what your products are or what you sell.

A better name would be ‘’ or ‘’ or ‘KidsGiftBaskets’.com

When selling on the Internet, you want to develop a niche customer base. It doesn’t matter what niche you develop, just choose one. The gift basket industry is competitive – choose a name that will set ‘your’ gift basket business apart from all the others. Once you’ve established a solid customer following, you can always branch out and add other products to your website, or add another niche section to your website.


Confirm Your Domain Name is Available

It’s getting difficult to secure a good domain name because of the sheer millions of domain names already registered. You can check to see if the domain name you want is available. We recommend checking Domain Name availability at it Hosting Connecticut LLC, a company we’ve used for over ten years.


Register your Domain Name

If the domain name you want is available – go ahead and register it, don’t wait. It could be gone by tomorrow.



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– In business since 2003
– Personal Customer Service
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visit Hosting Connecticut LLC


Not Ready to Think about an actual Website Yet?

You can stop at this point until you’re ready to actively begin either building your website, or you’re ready to hire a website designer / developer.


Website Hosting

You won’t need a Hosting account until your website is actually being built. There’s no sense in paying fees for Hosting until you actually will be using it.


Website Planning

There are many elements that require consideration when planning for a website, such as:

  • over all design, structure and color scheme
  • site must be built with organic SEO optimization practices
  • keyword analysis must be performed for your specific product base
  • which shopping cart, merchant account, and hosting company is best for your online needs

These are literally hundreds of website designers, but not all create websites to perform for their clients … they just build them, collect their money from you, and go on their way.

You have to be informed about what’s available, so you can make the best choice for your business.



Don’t waste money and end up with a website that will have to be re-built in a couple of years!

If a website isn’t constructed with a solid foundation – it’s going to eventually implode. It’s best to take time upfront, and make sure it’s built properly with organic search engine optimization embedded on each webpage. This way, no matter how many times the search engines change their algorithms – your site will still rank well within search results.

It’s also extremely important you choose the right method of accepting credit cards, a user-friendly shopping cart system, and have everything coded properly, so you won’t lose online buyers before check-out.

We recommend Hosting Connecticut, LLC. They’re a woman-owned business and have been creating E-commerce websites for over ten years. They provide hosting, search engine optimization, merchant accounts, social media implementation and maintenance, plus more.

Visit and look around, send them an Email and explain what your website needs / goals are. They’ll give you specific information about how to  accomplish successful online sales, and which programs are best suited to your website needs.


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