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(7) Even More Homemade Gift Basket Themes and Ideas

Take the time to put together a personalized Gift Basket for a Birthday, Wedding, or holiday gift – it means even more to the recipient.


Car Lover

Basket = Tote Bag or Small Cooler


  • tire gauge
  • car wax
  • chamois
  • car wash coupons
  • or bottled car wash liquid soap
  • window squeegee
  • ice scraper
  • mileage log and pen
  • Starbucks gift card
  • travel mug

Guys Overnight

Basket = Overnight Bag or Gym Bag


  • socks
  • white t-shirts
  • boxers or underwear
  • belt
  • handkerchiefs
  • cufflinks
  • after shave
  • disposable shaver
  • wallet


Rainy Day

Basket = Storage Cube or Wooden Box


  • deck of cards
  • cribbage board
  • find-a-word and/or crossword books and pencil
  • herbal tea or gourmet coffee packets
  • tea cup or coffee mug
  • Starbucks gift card
  • packaged candies or cookies

The Shopper

Basket = Fabric or Re-usable Shopping Tote


  • cushioned insoles
  • directories for local malls
  • gift cards (get a lot of small ones for different stores)
  • parking pass
  • list of babysitters or volunteers to babysit
  • coupons or current sale flyers from different stores
  • candies or power bars for energy
  • small packs of trail mix, nuts for munching


Cookie Lover

Basket = 13 x 9 Covered Baking Pan or Large Mixing Bowl


  • your favorite cookie recipes or a cook book
  • cookie cutters
  • chocolate chips
  • nuts
  • decorator icing set
  • assorted sprinkles
  • spatula
  • gift card to local book or kitchen specialty store


Goldfish Lover

Basket = Large Goldfish Bowl or Small Aquarium


  • fish food
  • aquarium gravel
  • shells or coral for fish tank
  • fish net
  • gift card for fish from local pet store
  • book about care of gold fish


Ice Cream Lover

Basket = Large Mixing Bowl


  • ice cream scoop
  • gourmet sauces
  • sprinkles
  • cones
  • maraschino cherries
  • small packs of assorted nuts
  • sundae glasses and spoons
  • gift card for local Baskin & Robbins


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