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Homemade Gift Basket Ideas and Gift Basket Themes

101 Gift Baskets Ideas for You to make Personalized Gift Baskets at Home

People love to receive Gift Baskets during the Holidays, on their Birthday, or just as a Surprise. Use any of our gift basket ideas or gift basket themes and make a personalized gift basket for friends, family, employees or that special person that makes your life easier.

Many of these Gift Baskets are designed around specific themes and some don’t even use baskets at all. Think Out of the Box when it comes to the Containers you use. Using a ‘basket’ as the container, be sure it’s one that will do double-duty. A well-woven basket in a nice shape can be used to store magazines, or used on a shelf or counter and become part of a room. You can personalize these Gift Baskets with items focused around the Personality of the Recipient.



Customize these gift basket themes according your your intended recipient:

Wine Gift Basket

Basket = Small Rattan or Woven Waste Basket


  • bags of fresh whole nuts
  • bags dried fruits or chocolate covered fruit
  • wine stopper, coasters and/or cloth napkins
  • fresh fruit such as oranges and pears
  • assortment of cheeses and hard salami
  • packaged smoked salmon
  • bottle of spring water
  • chocolate truffles of packaged shortbread


Garden Lover

Basket = Terra Cotta Pot


  • gardening gloves
  • hand trowel
  • hand rake
  • a selection of vegetable and/or flower seeds
  • plant markers
  • bottle of liquid fertilizer
  • a gardening book
  • gardening magazines


Pasta Lover

Basket = Large pasta Bowl or Strainer


  • a package or two of gourmet pasta
  • tongs
  • a package of sun-dried tomatoes
  • extra-virgin olive oil
  • spices: oregano, basil, garlic powder
  • a collection of your favorite pasta recipes hand-printed on recipe cards
  • and/or a pasta cookbook


Golf Lover

Basket = Golf Bag or a Soft-Sided Cooler


  • golf tees
  • golf balls
  • a baseball cap
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • a small towel
  • cans of juice, pop or beer


Basket = Camera Bag


  • camera memory cards
  • photography book
  • photo paper or gift certificate for developing
  • filters for his/her camera
  • lens cleaning solution and cloth
  • assorted picture frames and/or albums


Wine Aficionado

Basket = Decorative Box or a Basket


  • two bottles of quality wine, one red, one white
  • corkscrew
  • 2 or more wine glasses
  • wine appreciation book
  • cheeses, fruit, salami, crackers
  • gift card to local fine wine shop
  • tickets or an invitation to a wine tasting (often held at wine specialty shops or wineries)


Dog Lover

Basket = Dog Bowl


  • squeaky toy
  • cow ears, chew stick or rawhide bone
  • gourmet dog treats
  • dog groomer gift certificate
  • dog biscuits
  • dog brush
  • dog collar
  • leash


Artsy Crafter

Basket = Plastic or Acrylic Storage container


  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • acrylic paints
  • assorted brushes
  • a craft knife
  • gift card to local craft store
  • other craft supplies such as beads, pompoms, wood sticks, buttons, stickers, dried flowers, etc.
  • craft patterns or how-to books


Snail Mail Lover

Basket = Decorative Basket or Square Basket


  • note cards
  • envelopes (choose a variety of sizes)
  • note paper
  • letter opener
  • gift card to local stationary store
  • a pen or a pen and pencil set
  • a personalized seal and some sealing wax
  • personalized return address labels


Skier Fun Pack

Basket = Tote Bag


  • lip balm
  • moisturizer
  • mittens
  • hot packs
  • a pass to the local ski slope
  • ski rental gift card (if they don’t have their own skis)
  • apple cider packets
  • small thermos
  • hot chocolate


Mystical Lover

Basket = Satin covered Gift Box


  • tarot cards
  • crystals
  • scented candles
  • incense
  • new age music on CD or itunes gift card
  • certificates for palm reading, psychic reading, etc.
  • gift card to local book or candle store

Coloring Kids

Basket = Plastic or Acrylic Storage Box


  • crayons (get the big package with tons of colors)
  • non-toxic markets
  • assorted papers, include a variety of colors and textures
  • coloring books
  • gift card to local Toys R us
  • assorted stickers
  • a paint box and brushes


Sports Lover

Basket = Sports Helmet or Sports Cap


  • sports cards
  • baseball, puck, etc.
  • shoe, boot or skate laces
  • for the hockey player, add: lace tightener and some tape
  • for the baseball player, add: mineral oil, batting glove and gum
  • a sports DVD
  • a subscription to a sports magazine
  • a poster of their favorite player

Guitar Lover

Basket = Storage Cube (Bed, Bath & Beyond stores have a good selection of these)


  • assorted picks
  • tuning fork
  • sheet music
  • CDs of great guitar players
  • guitar strings
  • electronic tuner
  • gift card to local music store
  • lesson books


New Home Owner

Basket = Tool Box


  • screw drivers
  • wrench
  • hammer
  • pliers
  • assorted nails, screws, washers
  • gift certificate for the local hardware store
  • do-it-yourself book
  • gift card to local Home Depot or Lowes store
  • assorted odds and ends like: light switch covers, light bulbs, duct tape, paint brushes, knobs and handles, etc.


Soap Opera Lover

Basket = Basket can be used next to their comfy chair


  • tissues
  • truffles, fine chocolates
  • soap opera magazines
  • biographies of their favorite stars
  • pictures of their favorite stars
  • blank video tapes for recording their favorite shows
  • DVDs of their favorite TV series
  • fan club membership

Junk Food Junkie

Basket = Small Trash Can


  • variety of candy bars
  • bags of microwave popcorn
  • bags of different hard candies
  • Hostess cupcakes, Twinkies or Ho-Ho’s
  • bag of cookies
  • bag of marshmallows
  • bottled juice or pop
  • photo of a pig or a stuffed animal (pig)

Personal Relaxation

Basket = Choose a Basket or Pottery piece that can be used to place guest towels on the bathroom counter


  • a gel eye-pack
  • Epsom salts or bubble bath
  • aroma therapy oils
  • scented candles
  • gift card to local Bath & Bodyworks store
  • audio books on tape (to listen to in the bath)
  • a hand-held massager
  • relaxing music on CD or itunes gift card


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