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(6) More Themed Gift Basket Ideas to Make at Home

Homemade Gift Basket Ideas and Gift Basket Themes   – Vegas Lover – Christmas Lover – Sewing – and more!


Christmas Decorator

Basket = Plastic or Acrylic Ornament Container Box


  • Christmas ornaments (store bought or hand-made)
  • string of decorative lights
  • red, green or white votive candles and glass holders
  • holiday inspired table cloth
  • matching holiday inspired place mats
  • tin of cookies
  • assorted candies
  • gift card to local Hallmark store


Stamping Lover

Basket = Toolbox or Plastic Storage Box


  • specialty papers and cardstock
  • rubber stamps
  • heat gun
  • stamp pads and inks
  • embossing powders
  • scissors
  • craft books or magazines with stamping instruction or patterns
  • gift card to local craft store


Puzzle Lover

Basket = Leather Covered Storage Box


  • Rubic’s cube
  • 3D puzzle
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • word search book
  • crossword puzzle book
  • slider puzzles
  • history of puzzles book
  • mechanical pencil
  • gift card to local book store


Sewing Lover

Basket = Sewing Basket


  • needles
  • assorted threads
  • pins
  • thimble
  • wrist pin cushion
  • measuring tape
  • sewing book or magazine
  • pinking shears
  • scissors
  • gift card for local fabric store


By the Pool Lounger

Basket = Sun Hat or Tote Bag


  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • beach towel
  • lemonade and ice tea mix packets
  • novels or books
  • magazines
  • lip balm
  • skin moisturizer
  • sunscreen lotion
  • small misting bottle


Kitchen Gadget Collector

Basket = Dish Strainer or Canvas Tote Bag


  • garlic press
  • can opener
  • jar opener
  • paring knife
  • strawberry huller
  • egg slicer
  • cheese slicer
  • mixing spoons
  • spatulas
  • whisk
  • apple corer
  • egg timer
  • grater
  • decorative dish towels


Fishing Fanatic

Basket = Tackle Box


  • guide to local fishing spots
  • gift certificate for a weekend fishing trip or charter
  • assorted lures
  • leaders
  • bait in a jar
  • gloves
  • books about famous ‘big’ fisherman
  • magazines for the hobby fisherman


The Cyclist

Basket = Cycling Helmet


  • cycling gloves
  • aluminum water bottle
  • reflectors
  • sunglasses
  • odometer
  • patch kit
  • tire pump
  • gift certificate for a local cycle shop


Vegas Baby

Basket = Carry All or Overnight Bag


  • decks of cards
  • slots strategy book
  • poker chips
  • poker rule book
  • books about famous Vegas couples
  • reservation package to include hotel & plane tickets to Vegas


Budding Artist

Basket = Storage Box or Decorative Tin


  • books about famous artists
  • painting/drawing instruction books
  • paints (acrylic, water color or oil)
  • brushes
  • paper or canvas
  • gesso and other general painting supplies
  • charcoals
  • gift certificate for a local art / drawing class


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